The Team

Me, myself and I form a beautiful functioning team. I’m the founder of Maple&Totes, and am proud to work on my dream of becoming a succesfull businessowner!

I handmade all the products on the webshop myself, aswell as choosing all the fabrics etc.

I hope to boost your productivity, and to bring a smile to your face by doing what I love most.

Thank you for supporting my dream!

At Maple&Totes, our mission is to empower individuals to elevate their daily routines with stylish tote bags and other work/ school essentials, that inspire productivity, creativity, and organization.

We strive to make every year a better year for our customers by offering handmade, high-quality, functional products that enhance their lives and help them achieve their goals with flair.

Our vision at Maple & Totes is to redefine the way people approach their everyday tasks, making them more enjoyable and fulfilling.

We envision a world where individuals can express their unique personalities and aspirations through our curated selection of totebags and office supplies, while also making a positive impact on their productivity and well-being.

By combining style, functionality, and a commitment to continuous improvement, we aim to empower our customers to embrace each year as an opportunity for growth, success, and self-expression, all done in impeccable style.